We Require Proof of Covid Vaccinations For All Adults and Children Over the Age of Five


I am a techno geek when it comes to photography and Photoshop. I always have the latest digital camera, computer (Mac) and lights. Because I have come full circle from my studio days when I had a staff of ten people, I am constantly looking for the fastest ways to shoot. My three primary Nikon cameras are fast, faster and fastest with regard to shutter speed, ISO and file size. My latest is a 36 megapixel beauty that shoots in extremely low light and defaults a raw format, 16 bit image 208 mb in size. Wow.

I prefer working with available light with minimal or no artificial lighting when on location. My D3s shoots up to 9 frames per second (high res raw format) at up to 250,000 ISO. Yikes, and double wow.

The speed of these cameras does not sacrifice image quality and this also allows me to concentrate more on composition and on my subject’s emotion. Additionally, I can keep the people I photograph relaxed and not as self concious as they might be if there were lights flashing in their faces. Years ago I also relyed on a minimum staff of assistant(s), a stylist and a hair/makeup person. In addition to the added expense, there was always a degree of disruption when working on location in a corporate, hospital or public environment.

Because most of my clients and the subjects I photograph generally havelinited time for a photo session, I constantly explore options to make lighting faster and more flexible. One of the neat things I have worked in to my lighting bag are small (4”x6”) led panel lights that clipp together to make larger panels offering a variety of color to match natural lighting in most situations. They work from AA bateries or 110 volt wall outlets and literally, I can fit three of these lights, light stands and a compact tripod in my camera case. These fit alongside my two phenomenal camera bodies, three very expensive, fast zoom lens that cover from superwide angle (14mm) to telephoto (350mm), a compact tripod, eight digital CF cards that hold 256 gigabytes of high resolution digital files (25,000 photographs), extra camera batteries, a 2 terabyte compact hard drive and a 15” Apple laptop. This case fits in the overhead luggage compartment or under the seat of a commercial airplane. Triple wow!