Bart Harris Photography

Chicago Photographer


You did a great job… So glad you were there. You’re definitely the right person … Thanks for everything.
CH, Marketing Manager
“I have to share the wonderful response we are getting from your photos. (and I expect more once they go public to the community)  Everyone on the committees that have seen them are thrilled.”
KK, Designer
When I worked in Chicago at different ad agencies … there was no photographer that had as great a reputation as you. In fact, art directors had the feeling that you ruled the world of photographers…
RB, Art Director
Hi Bart, You told me about the woman who who put three exclamation points after every word in her thank note to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, etc. I!!! love!!! that!!! photo!!!. Can’t!!! wait!!! to!!! see!!! the!!! rest!!!
R!!!I!!!C!!!K!!!, CEO Leo Burnet Advertising, retired
These are completely amazing and beautiful. Thanks so much! They bring tears to our eyes.
KV, Designer
Let me know when you offer a class titled “How to make your family portraits look glamorous in Photoshop.” I’ll sign up. I’d love to know how you make photos look that good!
Thanks so much for these photos. They are fabulous. We appreciate your fine work.
BA, Pastor
Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful job you did on the shoot last week. The injury prevention and lifestyle photos are just great!
I wanted to thank you for a job well done and very much appreciate you expanding the scope. You have no idea how long I spent going through the list to get it down to 26! Some great pics. Hopefully, we have another project for you very shortly.
Howard Meyer, Senior Vice President
WOW, you’re a really good photographer, the babies are amazing!! I can see why you get so much work – good job!
Sally M, art buyer

Chicago's Most Diverse Professional Photographer

Bart Harris has been a leading Chicago photographer for years. His work as an advertising photographer has been featured on Wheaties' cereal boxes, in countless recognizable national and international advertisements, and includes celebrity photography of stars like Michael Jordan and Christy Brinkley, magazine covers, complex problem solving for international advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

His healthcare photography, corporate photography, portrait photography and magazine photography have been featured in websites, magazines, billboards, books and advertisements worldwide. Bart's fine art photography of Chicago's architecture, parks and it's spectacular lakefront is in private and corporate collections around the world. His newborn and family photography is published daily in thousands of Facebook and social networking galleries by proud parents and appears on walls in hundreds, if not thousands of homes.