Bart Harris Photography

About Bart Harris – Chicago Photographer


I have been a professional photographer since the age of 14, had my first solo exhibition at the age of 17 and sold my first photograph to Leo Burnett Advertising at 18. I read voraciously about photography, spent countless thousands of hours in the darkroom, even more in front of a computer monitor, and ultimately created millions of photographs. I spent years working with advertising agencies on many prominent ad campaigns and have won my share of awards. I’m married to a wonderful artist, Andrea Harris, who has shared my life for more than forty years. We have two grown sons and an amazingly talented, bright grandson, Dylan.

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I am a techno geek when it comes to photography and Photoshop. I always have the latest digital camera, computer (Mac) and lights. Because I have come full circle from my studio days when I had a staff of ten people, I am constantly looking for the fastest ways to shoot. My three primary Nikon cameras are fast, faster and fastest with regard to shutter speed, ISO and file size. My latest is a 36 megapixel beauty that shoots in extremely low light and defaults a raw format, 16 bit image 208 mb in size. Wow.

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