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Photographing Newborn Twins

Monday, April 27th, 2015

I have loads of 5 Star Reviews but oddly, a number of these wonderful reviews have been removed by the online directory that so many of us use daily to find services like mine. This directory does not trust first time reviewers so remarks like the one Jane posted on my ad, have been taken down soon after posting because the writers had never submitted a review before mine… bummer. What follows below is a wonderful compliment posted by a new mom of two beautiful fraternal twins, whose heartfelt comments I wish to share with you.

To set the scene for her review: I love photographing newborn babies and have worked hard to make newborn and baby photography a special part of my portrait photography. It takes a great deal of patience to consistently capture beautiful studio portraits of brand spanking new babies, patience by the photographer (me) and the parents. Infants definitely have their own agenda and producing great photographs time after time requires not only patience, but also exceptional timing. Imagine trying to photograph month old twins in an artful way. It is not easy and it is particularly time consuming, but it is hugely rewarding. Please read the review from this wonderful first time mother of two. This featured photograph is the image Jane refers to; the other images are just a few of the hundreds I made that day.

“I normally do not post reviews, but I felt it necessary to share our experience with Bart Harris Photography. In the weeks leading up to our twins’ arrival, my husband and I obsessively searched for the perfect photographer to capture our newborns’ first days. We found that each photographer we contacted limited the photo session to an hour or two and charged an exorbitant price for the rights to the digital images.  Thankfully, we found and booked Bart! 

Never having a child before, we quickly learned that the perfect picture of your beautiful newborn is VERY difficult to achieve in between crying fits, dirty diapers and feeding breaks (times 2!). Bart spent over 6 hours photographing our babies!! In those six hours, he was able to capture countless moments that NEVER would have been achieved in the 1-2 hours offered by other photographers.  One such photo is featured on Yelp of our girl smiling, while lying on top of her sleeping brother – this was taken after hour #4! I should further mention that we also have electronic access to each of the +400 photos taken that day – you will find this is not offered by other photographers. 

Thank you to Bart for your exceptional work!


Jane W.   3/27/15

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